"The session with Stefanie was a beautiful new experience. I didn't have any expectations, which only helped me to really dive into the experience since the very moment I closed my eyes. Thanks to Stefanie I felt secure and relaxed. Stefanie helped me to go to my inner self and connect with her. Live. Feel. Forgive. And above all accept. I am really grateful for living through my feelings and self-acceptance."

Veronika Gib


"Thank you very much, Stefanie, for our online meeting. It helped me a lot to connect to places in me that need healing. Thanks to your presence I could fully go there. I felt really safe, wisely and sensitively guided. You created conditions so that my inner process could unfold according to what I really needed. I heartly recommend it for anyone who needs their hearts open or get in touch with their strength. Your help is very precious. Thank you, Steffi!"

Katarzyna Kamecka


"I tried Stefanie's healing meditation personally... I felt great, very comfortable ... I discovered some very important insights ... I will gladly come back."


yoga teacher

"It's quite incredible that even through the screen she was able to connect to me and gently guide me through meditation waking up issues I wouldn't normally be able to address."

Láďa Karda

lector, actor, musician

"This was a very deep and truly insightful experience in form of a meditation! If you still have some inner emotional issues I can only recommend to contact Stefanie for a session!"

Elisabeth Malle

life coach

"The experience of your healing meditation is still alive within me. It was an extraordinary gift and I truly thank you, Steffi. It was amazing to have such an attentive guide by my side. It was amazing to be able to heal some of the deeply hidden wounds and find answers, we somehow know about but are not able to formulate. And the most amazing of all is the fact that this personal miracle can happen in one hour and online."

Nhung Dang

actress a dancer

"Wow! What a deep and experience. If you are looking to learn more about yourself from yourself I highly recommend this generous offer."

Jenny Urbanek