facilitator and meditation trainer

I grew up in Graz, Austria. When I was a child I always wanted to become a detective and an interior architect. I was fascinated by discovering hidden things as well as constructing a nice surrounding around me.

With the age of 15 I started to meditate and I realized that my detective works points inwards: finding my own truth and constructing a comfortable home within.

In 2011 I met Elke-M. Waclawiczek (a certified South African Traditional Health Practitioner) and I decided to learn from her. During my first session with Elke, I started to speak antique Sitswana (a long forgotten language) deeply recalling the connection to my ancestors. Since then I completed my training as a Sangoma (South African Healer) and as a meditation trainer (facilitator), starting to share my gift.

Following my joy (love and studies of physical theater) I moved to Prague, Czech Republic in 2014. After learning Czech, I decided to offer my sessions - besides in German and English - also in the beautiful Czech language.