During these sessions you can remember emotions and experiences, which are stored in your body cells. These recall-sessions help you to transform belief sets, pain and fears. You give your body the opportunity to replace them with love and acceptance for yourself and for other people.

The session is led as a guided meditation, where your body enters a light trance state. However, you remain consciously aware of everything outside. As a facilitator of this process I only support and I don't direct the process. It is always your soul, who is showing me the next step. I only hold your energy so that you can go very deep into your memories.


What led me to this work?

In 2011 I met Elke-M. Waclawiczek (a certified South African Traditional Health Practitioner) and I decided to learn from her. During my first session with Elke, I started to deeply recall the connection to my ancestors. Since then I completed my training as a Sangoma (South African Healer) and as a meditation trainer (facilitator), starting to share my gift.


The sessions can very well support medical and therapeutic work, but cannot replace it.

All sessions can be guided in English, German or Czech. All session are also possible online.

Price: (for all kinds of sessions, lasting about an hour)

150 €


If you need to cancel or move a session, please let me know at least 24 hours ahead. 

After that, the session needs to be paid unless I or you find another client to fill your slot.


Online or at Tržiště 519/22 - 118 00 Malá Strana Praha

stefanie.joergler@gmail.com / +420773128430